Our Story

Our story began a few years ago when our founder Keith decided to quit his job to pursue his passion for eyewear. Though it wasn’t easy at first, thanks to the help of his teammates, Sunglasses Search came to life.

Our Mission

Here at Sunglasses Search, we are dedicated to finding the best possible eyewear solutions and offering expert advice and reviews to allow our readers to make informed decisions before investing in a pair of top-quality sunglasses.

Keith Phillips

Founder and Editor

George Storey


Julia Watson

PR Director

Super Efficient

We spend our time as efficiently as possible to ensure our readers always have up-to-date content, reviews, and know what’s the newest of the new.

Deeply Committed

Sunglasses Search has become a major part of all our lives, meaning we dedicate as much time as possible to improve it and make our readers happy!

Highly Skilled

Collectively, we’ve worked over 36 years in the fashion industry before launching Sunglasses Search. Because of this, we pride ourselves on our skills to scope out trends.

We are driven by values

We always want what’s best for our readers, not simply recommending the newest, and usually, priciest items. We love hearing from our visitors and are always willing to help.

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