When wearing your sunglasses everyday in the summer, it’s only natural that they will have a little wear and tear. However, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of taking your sunglasses out of the case to find a scratch right down the middle of the lens.

Not only could a scratch impair your vision when looking through the sunglasses lens, it doesn’t look cool to be wearing sunglasses with scratches. This is not a fashion trend that you want to start.

A scratch on your sunglasses shouldn’t damage your eyes, according to The Healthy, however, it may cause eye strain and headaches.

There are ways to rectify and remove a scratch, but the most important one would be to make sure that you always keep your sunglasses in a sturdy, protective case, this will lessen the chances of them scratching when in your pocket or loose in a bag.

If you have paid a lot of money for your sunglasses, you want to make sure that they last you for a long time. You can’t throw them in the trash every time you get a small scratch on them. A replacement lens can be a costly expense, so why not try our tips of how to remove scratches from sunglasses out first to see if you can get the result that you need for only a few dollars.

Removing Scratches from Sunglasses

How Do You Make Them as Good as New?

Read on and we will share with you just some of the ways how to remove scratches from sunglasses. Some of these methods will buff the scratch out and some will fill the scratch in. The choice is yours.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste is used to give you a healthy, white smile so why not try it to make your sunglasses look shiny and new also. The best toothpaste to use would be a regular white toothpaste or one with added baking soda.

It’s better to apply the toothpaste from a cotton ball and softly rub the scratch. Once you have done this, you can clean the sunglasses with newspaper and then rinse with water. Don’t use a cloth to remove the toothpaste. This could scratch the sunglasses further. 

If the scratch hasn’t come out, try again.

Baking Soda and Water: Baking soda and water is the answer to many household dilemmas and it can also fix your sunglasses scratches. 

Make a thick paste by mixing one part water and two parts baking soda. Get a cotton ball to apply the paste  to the scratch and rub gently. Rinse the sunglasses with water, making sure that you get all the paste off, especially between the lens and the frame. .

Brass or Silver Polish: You can use a brass or silver polish for more stubborn scratches but make sure that the polish is acetone-free as acetone can damage the lenses or the frame. The polish will act like a filler to fill the scratches rather than removing them.

Use a cotton ball to apply the polish to the sunglasses. Always use this or a lint-free cloth, never use any abrasive materials for this. Rub the scratch gently with the polish on a cotton ball until the scratch has disappeared. Use a dry lint-free cloth to remove the polish and clean your sunglasses lens.

Baby Shampoo: Baby products are made to be mild and gentle for your children, with no harsh products or chemicals. You can apply the baby shampoo or wash directly to your sunglasses. Once the lens has been covered with the shampoo, you should then rinse with lukewarm water.

Car Wax: Car wax is another way to fill the scratch, similar to using brass or silver polish. Make sure that you don’t use any acidic or abrasive cleaners when doing this as they can damage your sunglasses and can also leave a residue that can irritate your eyes.

You should apply the car wax to the sunglasses using a cotton ball and rub softly. Remove the wax using a lint-free cloth, you may need to rinse the sunglasses to remove all traces of the wax.

woman with silver framed sunglasses

What Should You Clean Your Sunglasses With?

When cleaning your sunglasses you should always use a soft microfiber or lint-free cloth as this is soft enough to clean the sunglasses without damaging them further.

A handy hint is to keep a cleaning cloth with you at all times in your sunglasses case. This will remove the need to use an abrasive beach towel or item of clothing to clean your sunglasses when you have nothing else to hand.


We have given you just a few solutions of how to remove scratches from sunglasses. None of these are foolproof or a permanent fix. These are good for a temporary solution.

Always take care when using any of the suggested solutions. You should never overload the sunglasses with the product or use an abrasive material when applying it. All cleaning materials and polishes should be removed thoroughly to not damage the sunglasses further or irritate your eyes.

The best way to remove scratches from your sunglasses would be to get a professional involved and maybe replace the lenses. This will give you clear vision and will make sure that your eyes are protected fully from the suns damaging rays. It will also look cooler than walking round with scratches on your sunglasses. 

Nothing can beat looking after your sunglasses properly in the first place, and storing them somewhere safe. This will remove the need for any of the above solutions



Keith is the founder of Sunglasses Search. He worked for a number of years at a well-known sunglasses brand, starting as a sales assistant and working his way up to assistant manager where he developed his love and in-depth knowledge for sunglasses.

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