Sunglasses are the essential accessory to have with you on a sunny day. They’re not just a fashion statement, sunglasses should be used to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Without their protection, studies show that the ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the surface of your eye and increase the risk of eye diseases. 

Two of the most popular sunglasses brands are Ray-Ban and Oakley. They are both owned by the Luxottica Group, who are the world leaders when it comes to premium, luxury and sports eyewear. However, as products, Ray-Ban and Oakely are completely different, and appeal to an entirely different audience.

We take a look at the differences in the two brands to help you choose Ray-Ban vs Oakley, focussing on the following points:

  • Advertising Audience
  • Style
  • Frames
  • Lenses
  • Cost

This will help you to choose which brand you should choose, depending on your needs and requirements.

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What Are the Differences Between the Brands?

Both brands are massively successful in their own right and sell millions of sunglasses each year. They both have their own customer base and niche, Ray-Ban are more stylish and fashionable, whereas Oakley are made for performance and are worn by athletes and people with an active lifestyle. 

Advertising Audience

Advertising plays a big part in highlighting the differences between Ray-Ban vs Oakley. 

Ray-Ban focuses mainly on fashion advertising, with cool models showing off the high quality, stylish sunglasses. The adverts show that you can wear the sunglasses everyday, and look cool, no matter what you are doing.

Oakley target the performance aspect with their advertising, with athletes of all levels and abilities proving that you can do whatever you put your mind to, as well as looking good and protecting your eyes.


Ray-Ban sunglasses have been a fashion icon since the 1950’s. Originally produced for the military, the Classic Aviator style soon became sought after as a fashion must have. 

This was closely followed by the Wayfarer style, these were the first plastic frame sunglasses, that were also unisex, and were worn by both men and women. Some of the most famous would be, James Dean and Audrey Hepbern, who both wore them on the big screen.

Oakley launched their sunglasses and motorcycle goggles in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s the sunglasses became famous after being worn by American cyclist Greg LeMond in the Tour de France. This made the Eye Jacket style popular. 

Oakley have continued their popularity with sports professionals and have become more fashionable, with people wanting something a little different that looks good and performs well. The wraparound style was made famous by Oakley. 

The Suntro is a new style that is inspired by the previous sunglasses styles, giving great performance with added style.


Ray-Ban sunglasses frames are designed for style over performance. The original Aviator sunglasses frames were produced in a thin but solid metal, and the iconic Wayfarer style sunglasses frames were made from plastic.  

This continues today and the metal used is steel or titanium for strength and durability. The plastic frames are made from acetate or nylon. 

The frames on Oakley sunglasses are technically designed and are made from strong composition materials, such as high strength polycarbonate and titanium. 

Oakley have created their own material for use in their sunglasses frames, O’Matter. This is a nylon material that is 25 percent lighter than standard acetate and twice as strong. 

They are innovative when creating the materials for their sunglasses frames, and they want to ensure that they perform to an outstanding level for all outdoor activities, no matter how extreme. 


Ray-Ban no longer uses all glass in their lenses, they now use crystal, which is manufactured with a mix of glass and polycarbonate. This gives great clarity along with more safety than pure glass. Crystal lenses are also more resistant to scratches than other materials used. 

Ray-Ban lenses are made in lots of different colors, in both a solid color or gradient design. They also have mirrored lenses, which are available in many different colors. 

Polarized lenses are available to reduce glare and these are treated with an anti-reflective treatment to increase clarity. The lenses in Ray-Ban sunglasses can be easily changed if you require a prescription lens in your sunglasses.

The lenses on Oakley sunglasses are made with high definition optics that optimize safety and performance, giving great clarity. 

Oakley raises the bar when it comes to the variety of lenses available. They are designed in all the colors of the rainbow, and more! There are both solid colors and gradient styles available.

Thepolarized and Iridium-coated lenses lessen the glare of the sun, giving greater clarity and true color perception. 


Both Ray-Ban and Oakley are premium brands with great quality sunglasses available. However, this comes at a price. You can pick up a pair of sunglasses for around $100 but the prices do go up to as much as $450 for a top of the range pair.

Our Top Picks

There are so many different styles of sunglasses to choose from, and different reasons why you should choose them. We have reviewed our favorite Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses to help you make the right decision for you.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

There is a style of Ray-Ban sunglasses to suit everyone and we have listed our top five styles below:


Oakley Sunglasses

There are lots of different styles and shapes of Oakley sunglasses out there. We have chosen our top five styles below:

Who’s Our Winner?

So who came out on top, and which should you choose? 

What a Ray-Ban vs Oakley review has shown us is that they are completely different products that  appeal to different people, lifestyles and tastes. 

The answer could be to treat yourself and get a pair of each. A pair of Ray-Bans for your week at work, driving around the city or when socialising in a bar or coffee shop with friends. A pair Oakley sunglasses for your weekend in the great outdoors, when taking part in sports or cycling through the countryside.

They are both great brands, offering style and function for everyone. The final choice is down to you!



Keith is the founder of Sunglasses Search. He worked for a number of years at a well-known sunglasses brand, starting as a sales assistant and working his way up to assistant manager where he developed his love and in-depth knowledge for sunglasses.

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