Sunglasses and summer go hand in hand. Annoying glasses or poor eyesight, and uncomfortable vision are not fun. With some tips from SEE BETTER, you can enjoy your glasses this summer.

What good is a pair of trendy sunglasses if you do not look comfortable with them? We think that polished sunglasses are a must this summer. Many opticians have great deals when you buy a second pair of glasses. When you choose sunglasses, you should make sure that the glasses fit your face and fit perfectly.

Wear Glasses in the Summer infographic

Tips To Enjoy Your Glasses This Summer

Glasses off, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, glasses on—what to do with the other glasses? It can be very tiring to constantly change glasses in the summer. Therefore, we recommend a pair for everything, including 100% UV protection: glasses with color-changing glass are perfect all year round. Modern colors and lightning-fast technology also make the glasses a pure pleasure to wear.

Summertime is a time for relaxation. Thinner clothes, lighter food and refreshing drinks: heavy glasses simply do not belong. 

Lightweight plastic glasses are as cool as a glass of champagne. Test these at the optician: borderless, titanium, lightweight plastic or frames with flex technology. The possibilities are limitless.

Use Specialist Sunglasses For Summer Sports

No one likes to sweat on a hot and humid summer day. Glasses that slip down on the nose, mist up or press against the nose can be really annoying. Visit your optician and readjust your glasses!

The sun shines! Put on your sneakers, hop on the bike, tense your muscles and feel how it burns! But make sure you wear unbreakable sports glasses and look your best. 

Take Extra Care

You are often a little less careful with your sunglasses. You put them in the bag without a case, wrap them in the sweater or put them on your head. All this can damage the surface treatment of the glasses. Small scratches on the glasses can be extremely annoying in the sun. 

Buying glasses with high-quality surface treatment for easy care and dirt resistance ensures that you can see clearly with your sunglasses for many years to come.

Always make sure you use cleaning cloths specially designed to clean glasses—your spectacle lenses will thank you.

Try Protective Lenses

Did you know that you can get progressive lenses, such as bifocals, even in sunglasses? This allows you to lower your gaze to see up close in the same way as you do with your regular glasses. 

There are also contact lenses with UV protection, but make sure you still wear sunglasses, as contact lenses only cover part of the cornea!



Keith is the founder of Sunglasses Search. He worked for a number of years at a well-known sunglasses brand, starting as a sales assistant and working his way up to assistant manager where he developed his love and in-depth knowledge for sunglasses.

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